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Team Members 

We are Healers


Ahmed S. Firoz


MA Psychology


Mrs. Maya (Praveen) Mishra


MA (Psychology)

Certificate Course in Foundations of International Psychiatry from The University of Melbourne

Shilpa Rajput_2.jpeg

Ms. Shilpa Rajput


M.Sc. (Clinical Psychology)

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Mr. Rohan Pandey

Counselling Psychologist

Master's in Clinical Psychology

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Mr. Akash Kashyap

Researcher and Geo-Psych Analyst

M.Sc. (Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System)
Geographic Mapping of Mental Health Disorders in Delhi area

Anita Saraswat.jpeg

Mrs. Anita Sarawat


MA (Psychology)

Najya Azmi_3.jpeg

Ms. Najya Azmi

Counseling Psychologist

M.Sc (Applied Psychology)

S S Amrutham shruthy.jpeg

Ms. S.S Amrutham Shruthy

Student Counselor

B.Sc (Psychology)

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Ms. Rohini Singh

Counseling Psychologist

Master's in Psychology


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Heal My Heart is a group of Psychologists, Counselors, Student Counselors, Psychotherapists, and Mental Health Professionals. We are aimed to provide our mental health services to society. Our Services are completely online. 

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